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Solar power meter calibration

OTC have commissioned their new solar simulator and are now able to offer traceable calibration of solar power meters. By using a solar simulator rather than a tungsten or other traditional artificial white light source OTC will be able to calibrate a wide range of solar meters without needing to wait for the British weather to produce a clear sunny day!

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Bad light stops play?

OTC is proud to have been chosen by the International Cricket Council (ICC) to supply calibrated light meters to their umpires for test cricket.

Bad light stops play may be one of the more controversial calls on the cricket pitch, but at least arguments over when to start play again should be reduced. Each umpire should now have access to a meter which can be used to measure the light level considered ‘bad’ and then determine later whether the level has improved to allow play to resume.

With meters also purchased by six major national cricket boards (and counting!), please join us in enjoying the clouds as well as the sunshine.

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UKAS Calibration of Luminance Meters

OTC is delighted to announce that we have been granted UKAS accreditation for calibration of luminance meters at 2856K.

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New Darkroom

Due to continued steady growth in our photometric department, OTC is proud to announce the completion of a new darkroom.

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25 years of Optical Test and Calibration Ltd

Optical Test and Calibration Ltd (OTC) started in business on a cold but sunny day at the beginning of February 1989. Twenty five years later and we are still here!! Click here to read more

Thermoplie Sensors
Thermopile calibration rig improvements

OTC's new Thermopile rig with improved capabilities

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Photoresearch pr670
Spectral measurements are possible

OTC can now perform Spectral measurements

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OTC's Movember attempt

A team of OTC staff took part in Movember 2012 to raise money for this worthy cause.

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UV UKAS Calibration

Having calibrated UV meters for many years and earning a high reputation in this area, we have now gained UKAS accreditation for UVA in early December 2012.

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OTC’s ‘QR’ Tracking system

OTC’s latest addition: New QR Barcode gives you instant access to the Tracking system which includes a host of features.

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Pressure Gauge
Pressure Calibration

OTC is pleased to announce our new in-house ‘Pressure Calibration’ service

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OTC is now a Kingfisher Service Centre

We are pleased to announce that OTC has been appointed by Kingfisher as their UK sales and service centre.

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Optical Test and Calibration (OTC) have been appointed as a UK service centre for the latest range of Fitel fusion splicers and cleaving products.

Fitel have established a strong position as one the world’s premier fusion splicer manufacturers and with our background in the Datacomms and Telecoms industry, OTC make an ideal support base for their range of splicers and cleavers here in the UK.

For a fast, friendly, cost effective service call us on 01274 393857, or email fitel@otc.co.uk or book your instruments in for service via our website Equipment List pages here and take full advantage of the support and capabilities on offer from OTC.

CMA4000 OTDR Upgrade

Upgrade of the CMA4000 platform to store and transfer results on Compact Flash format instead of Floppy Disk for quicker storage and much greater results storage capacity.

The upgrade involves hardware and software changes to the instrument and is best carried out prior to the calibration.

Compact Flash Interface upgrade £445.00 + VAT. Please contact us for more info

The Problem With Luxmeters!

Luxmeters have served the technical community well for many years. They are, in general, relatively robust, easy to use and cheap (although the old adage of “you get what you pay for” always applies)

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Turnaround Statistics

Since 2008, OTC has a key target of ensuring all in-house calibrations are completed within 5 working days. Over the last 3 years, we have carried out cross-discipline training to improve our job flexibility so that all calibrations can be carried out by at least two technicians.

Although we have a little way still to go, operations director Kenny Dove has been keeping score and while our calibration turnround of 93.4% during 2008 was good, our changes resulted in an impressive improvement across 2009 to 98.8% and 99.0% for last year.

Kenny says: "We have been delighted with our improving turnround statistics over the last few years and these statistics highlight the dedication and commitment of our team. We know that downtime can be costly and OTC will continue to find ways to improve our calibration service to our customers."

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After many years of providing photometric test equipment and service to the lighting and allied industries, Megatron closed down their operations in March 2010 and OTC has continued to provide UKAS accredited calibration of their professional light meters. This has been very successful with over 80% of Megatron calibration customers now using our service.

We also continue to carry out simple repairs but if a Megatron meter cannot be fixed, OTC has a range of suitable replacement meters, supplied complete with half-price calibration.

Details of our light meters range can be found here.

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Lightmeter calibration (Luxmeters)
OTC have been accredited for UKAS calibration of light meters from 10-20000 lux for a number of years. We have also recently extended our capabilities down to 1 lux to cover street lighting and light nuisance measurements.
Click to view our list of over 250 different types calibrated. As well as calibration, we sell a range of lightmeters from Konica-Minolta, Isotech and Gossen suitable for many different applications.

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Exfo Distributorship

Since September 2008, OTC has been an Exfo distributor of their Enterprise and NSP products covering handheld optical power meters (EPM and FPM ranges), light sources (ELS and FLS ranges) and loss test tests (FOT-300, FOT-600, FOT-930) through to the OTDR ranges of AXS-100, FTB-200 and FTB-400.

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OTC is The European Service Centre for ILX Lightwave Corp.

In addition to offering the service facility throughtout Europe, OTC is also an appointed sales distributor for the product range covering the geographical areas of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Fibreoptic Industry Association
Within the UK, OTC also actively supports the Fibreoptic Industry Association. The FIA is a professional industry body, whose aims are to promote high standards for workmanship and testing of fibre optic installations of all types.