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Thermopile calibration



We have recently revamped our thermopile calibration facility. Used in many areas including medical, defence & remote sensing, thermopiles can measure the power levels of a wide range of lasers.

Our fully traceable calibration now includes calibration at multiple power levels to check the linearity of your meter as well as the absolute response. The calibration range can be from as little as 1mW up to 2W using a high power laser.

Typical makes include:

  • Coherent
  • Ophir
  • Gentec
  • Laser Instruments
  • Molectron
  • Melles Griot
  • Newport
  • Thorlabs
Thermopile calibration safety chamber

Custom calibration points to meet your requirements are available on request. Please use either our ‘Find an Instrument’ section or ‘Contact’ page to request a quote for calibration.