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Pressure Calibration



Are you under pressure? If so why not use our new in-house ‘Pressure Calibration’ service:

We offer a competitive service across the following types of equipment:

Pressure Gauges (analogue and digital), Pressure Meters, Transducers, Manometers, Pressure Calibrators, Vacuum Gauges etc.

In-house Pressure Range Capability (low to medium pressure):


-1 to 1 bar (low pressure)

1 to 120 bar (medium pressure)

Dead Weight Tester
What is a Pressure Gauge?
Pressure Gauge
A Pressure Gauge

This is a gauge that measures the pressure in a system or vessel. Two popular forms of pressure gauges are: absolute and differential.

Check out the NPL website for a very informative description of absolute and differential pressure modes:

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