Optical Test and Calibration Ltd


Maintenance & Repair Services

Repair and maintenance services are offered on a wide range of products for which calibration is undertaken. OTC is able to bring together a unique combination of specialist expertise and test equipment, which allows the company to offer an in depth repair service for a wide range of electronic test equipment.

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As test equipment ages, the possibility of it failing calibration increases for many different factors – components reaching their end-of-life, poor handling and storage, use in dirty or damp environments etc. OTC’s technicians can use their experience to optimise, adjust or clean equipment whenever possible. They are skilled at repair down to component level and have vast knowledge of where to obtain that hard-to-find or obsolete part. Quite regularly, we can get your equipment working when the manufacturer has ceased product support or even gone out of business. We work on a time and parts basis, rather than a fixed price contract favoured by many manufacturers and this approach is almost guaranteed to be cheaper for the customer.

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Service agreements

Our authorised service centre agreements include:

  • Fitel – for certification and repairs on Fusion Splicers and Fibre Cleavers
  • Kingfisher – for calibration and repair of their fibre optic test equipment
  • Shinewaytech – fibre optic power meters, light sources and OTDRs
  • ILX Lightwave – for their range of Laser diode and Fibre Optic Test and Measurement equipment


With our product knowledge and experienced technicians, OTC is always keen to work with other companies to provide repair services to complement our calibration – please call OTC if you think we could work together


A comprehensive range of support materials, such as batteries, chargers, fibre optic patch cords, optical attenuators, splicer electrodes etc is held in stock to allow customers to make best use of their test equipment.

ILX Lightwave

OTC has been the European Service Centre for ILX Lightwave for their range of Laser Diode and Fibre Optic Test and Measurement equipment since 1999. We have an ILX supplied test system saving the need for ILX units to be returned to the factory in the USA. Our two repair technicians have been fully factory trained and have in-depth knowledge to respond to and solve customer problems quickly.

ILX Lightwave OMHH6810B