Optical Test and Calibration Ltd

About OTC




Optical Test and Calibration Limited is an independent calibration laboratory based in the city of Bradford in West Yorkshire, UK. Owned by its' directors and staffed by quality professionals, the company aims to provide an unrivalled level of support for test equipment calibration, service and sales.



OTC was originally founded in 1989 as the only independent UK calibration house specialising in the field of infrared light measurements for fibre optic test equipment. OTC was one of the first UK companies to gain accreditation from UKAS for fibre optics. We have continued to invest in existing and new fields of activity, with the addition of UKAS accreditation for electrical and electronic instrumentation and for illuminance measurements as part of the expansion of our radiometric calibration facility to include photometric test equipment.

Company Size


Employing 33 people, OTC has a turnover in excess of £2.5M per year and operates from > 6000 sq. ft of modern premises in a high technology development adjacent to the University of Bradford.



Nicholas Alderman: Managing Director

Qualified in optoelectronics engineering in 1993, and experienced in optoelectronic and electronic testing, ATE systems, environmental testing, information technology and sales management.

Kenneth Dove: Operations Director

An experienced engineer with a background in electronics servicing, he has been involved in fibre optic manufacturing and measurements since 1980. Laboratory UKAS signatory for fibre optic measurements and Head of Optical Measurement at OTC since 1990.

Quality Assurance Accreditation


OTC’s quality management system has been registered and approved to BS EN ISO 9001 by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and our calibration laboratory meets the requirements of BS EN ISO/IEC 17025. BSI visits OTC every 12 months to undertake an in‑depth review of the operation of the quality system in order to ensure that the requirements of the standard continue to be met.

In addition, other major UK commercial organisations, such as British Telecom (BT), etc., have granted OTC quality assurance approval to supply a variety goods and services.

Certification & Results


OTC issues both UKAS and in‑house calibration certificates. The latter use the same traceability chain, but use simpler certificates that meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 10012:2003 standards. In all cases, full results and a unique certificate are issued in English, and as an official European Community language, are accordingly accepted throughout the EEC.

OTC Influence on Optical Measurements


OTC has contributed to international discussion and determination of measurement standards by participating in the UK working group of the International Electro-technical Committee standards body IEC TC86/ECL22/WG4.

OTC is also a member of:

Within the UK, OTC also actively supports the Fibreoptic Industry Association. The FIA is a professional industry body, whose aims are to promote high standards for workmanship and testing of fibre optic installations of all types